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As a leading orthopedic doctor in the Greater Los Angeles area, Dr. Gross offers patients the most advanced treatment options for disc-related pain, including minimally-invasive procedures like selective endoscopic discectomy for safe, effective outcomes and faster recovery. Dr. Gross treats patients in Culver City, Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu and throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Selective Endoscopic Discectomy Q & A

What is selective endoscopic discectomy?

Selective endoscopic discectomy, or SED, is a minimally-invasive procedure that's designed to treat disc conditions, including herniated, extruded, protruded and degenerated discs that cause symptoms such as chronic back or leg pain. The technique uses an endoscope, a special instrument that can be inserted through a small incision to visualize the injured disc and the space around it. Laser energy and specially-designed instruments developed to be used through small incisions are used to perform the corrective procedure. Because it uses small incisions and avoids cutting through tissues, SED patient have faster recovery times, reduced pain and fewer complications compared to patients who undergo open procedures.

How is SED performed?

SED is performed using local anesthesia. Once the area is numbed, a thin needle is inserted into the disc using a type of x-ray called fluoroscopy to guide it into the correct position. A small “keyhole” incision is made to enable a hollow tube, or cannula, to be inserted, followed by the endoscope. The endoscope has a small camera on the end which can be used to transmit images to a computer screen. Once the treatment area has been assessed, a laser probe is used to remove the damaged area, seal the outer portion of the disc and shrink the disc to relieve pressure on neighboring nerves. Most procedures take from 30 to 60 minutes. Patients can return home the same day.

How will Dr. Gross decide I need to undergo a selective endoscopic discectomy?

Dr. Gross will use diagnostic imaging techniques like x-rays or MRI to evaluate your spine prior to your procedure to ensure you're a good candidate. Generally speaking, patients with extensive spinal stenosis or significant spinal instability may not be good candidates for SED, and other techniques can be used to achieve optimal results.

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