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Dr. Elliot Gross, a leading orthopedist in Culver City, CA, uses the latest in minimally-invasive surgery to treat SI joint pain at its source. Using the revolutionary iFuse implant, he enables patients to heal faster while experiencing less pain. Dr. Gross treats patients in Culver City, Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu and throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area.

SI Joint Fusion Q&A

What Is the SI Joint and Why Does it Cause So Much Pain?

The sacroiliac (SI) joints lie between the sacrum (the large, triangle-shaped bone at the base of the spine) and the right and left ilium (the large bones in the hip). The SI joints are where these bones meet.

The SI joint is what is known as a synovial joint. This is a type of joint that has free nerve endings which can cause intense pain if the joint does not move properly, degenerates, or cannot bear forces that cross it. As much as 25% of lower back pain results from SI joint problems. SI joint pain is felt most often when walking, running, or lifting.

What are Some Signs of SI Joint Problems?

A diagnosis may require certain imaging tests but some of the symptoms your physician looks for include:

  • Lower back pain (also known as lumbago)

  • Buttock/pelvis pain

  • Groin/hip pain

  • Leg instability (giving way or buckling)

  • Pain that disturbs normal sleep patterns

  • Inability to sit for long periods

  • Pain due to sitting or standing

What is iFuse Implant Surgery?

Traditional open surgery performed for SI Joint degeneration involves a 7-to-8-inch incision through soft tissue and muscle to access the joint. A portion of the patient’s own pelvic bone is harvested and grafted onto the joint and screws are often used to fix the graft in place. This surgery often takes as long as 3 hours followed by up to 5 days of in-hospital recovery.

iFuse implant surgery is much less invasive, requires less general or spinal anesthesia, and requires less time in the hospital. The iFuse Implant surgical technique provides maximum protection to tissues during the surgical procedure. Because iFuse patented implants are used instead of bone grafts, no bone has to be harvested from the pelvis. Most patients report less pain than those undergoing traditional surgery.

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