Dr. Gross give the care that a patient need. Not just medical care but also personal concern. Also the staff give very personal interest for each patient.

Bonnie C.

Dr. Gross blends his experience, wisdom, and patience to provide effective treatment. His staff are friendly and helpful; it is clear they all contribute to Dr. Gross’ mission of supporting their community.

M. A.

Awesome doctor, has known exactly how and where to treat. Has prescribed appropriate meds. He is empathetic and treats his patients with utmost care. Is indeed an expert in his area of the medical field!!!

Marisela P.

Dr. Gross is a great Dr. He listens to the patient. His first priority is his patients health. He performed major surgery to both shoulders and did a magnificent job. He understands your pain and works with you to find the best solution. Highly recommended.

John G.

Dr Gross has been very patient and accommodating while waiting on insurance approval, and his service is greatly appreciated.

Sandra S.

Great experience, very pleased with office visit.

Max K.

A great nice man and doctor. Dr. Elliot Gross works fast and efficient as well.

Mason R.

A friend recommended Dr. Gross to me for my back problem which had been causing a lot of discomfort. Dr. Gross confirmed that I needed surgery and he counseled me throughout the entire process. Dr. Gross was extremely professional and did a fantastic job. I am now living pain free thanks to Dr. Gross!

Alan H.